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The cost of a complete home inspection is determined by several factors such as square footage, extra components and the length of time the inspector takes to review the property.

Our base fee is approximately 0.01% of the average metro selling price.

CAN-AM® Home Inspection Services, Inc. fees start from $395.00 for single family homes up to 1000 square feet.

Please note that payment is due upon completion of the inspection as the report is given on site. Delivery/courier extra.

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Please Note: If cancelling an inspection, 24 hours notice is required.
Cancellations that are made after that time are subject to a cancellation equal to half the quoted inspection fee.

The knowledge gained from an inspection is well worth it's cost, and the lowest-priced inspector is not necessarily a bargain.

It is best if the inspector's qualifications, including their experience, training, and professional affiliations are your primary considerations.

we do and have had experience doing commercial buildings, warehouses, offices, trailers, and apartment blocks. Please call for an estimate or quote.

Effective 2010 Oct
Prices are subject to change without notice


  • Gutters and downspouts must be in good condition, sloped properly and be free of leaves and other debris.
  • A wet or damp basement can be a serious source of mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • Electricity is useful but can be dangerous.
  • Correct earthing is vital for the safety of the occupants and the property.
  • Fuses and circuit breakers are safety devices that prevent overloading and fires.